Fierce Omelet Craving

So the other day I was craving an omelet something fierce! Fierce would actually be an understatement. As soon as the craving hit I ran to the fridge to get right on it. I flung open the door with much enthusiasm only to discover I had absolutely nary an egg in the house. Who runs out of eggs and forgets? Apparently me and it was – might I add, a huge let down.

I immediately went from that letdown to my grocery shopping list and added my eggs at the tippy top! And they made their way to the kitchen yesterday afternoon. You have no idea how I planned my omelet all out and couldn’t wait ‘til this morning. I would have had it last night but we already had dinner plans thus the wait.

It was exciting, ever so exciting to go to the fridge and have all the necessary ingredients for my omelet this morning.

As I started prepping my pepper I noticed not one but two baby peppers growing inside. There’s numerous times I see babies inside the red and yellow peppers but this is the first time I’ve seen two. I put my finger behind the one as he blended in with the pepper.

Here they are side by side. I munched on these guys while I prepped my pepper and onion.

A slice of yummy life

Two eggs

Give ’em a good beatin’

A little concoction that’s seasoned really well with pepper and just a pinch of salt.

I love my little pan as it’s just the right size for my 2 egg omelet.

After they set I added lots of cheese and here’s a little sneak peak of how she looked after I transferred her to my plate.

Let’s just say I’m already planning my breakfast tomorrow and this is a tiny clue of what’s goin’ down.

8 thoughts on “Fierce Omelet Craving

  1. Debbie, This looks delicious! Since I’ve been seeing several recipes on your blog I thought you may be interested in a blog that I read all the time…it is Have you seen it? It is a really great food blog!

  2. Hey Rochelle, thanks for the smittenkitchen info – That’s a great site! I love food blogs!

    Hope you enjoy your eggs tonight Jamie! I already told hubby all about my breakfast this morning and how I’m making another in the morning. Already looking forward to it!

  3. That’s funny Linda! I can’t imagine being pregnant at 40! Oh MY! Time will tell though…but it’s not the plan.

    Got yours coming right up Fifi and I’ll leave the pepper out.

    I did have this for breakfast again this morning and it was so good.

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