Goodbye Ma, We Love You And Miss You…

Bobby and I have been trying to make a few plans for the big family reunion this summer with Ma (Bobby’s mom) but her time here on earth came to an abrupt end late last night.

Words are coming very hard for me so I’m just stopping by to post that we’re busy making funeral arrangements and getting ready to leave tomorrow.

Ma was such a wonderful wife, mother and friend and a wonderful Christian woman with a heart full of love. We miss her already.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Ma, We Love You And Miss You…

  1. Oh Debbie – I’m so sorry for you and your husbands loss. I’m so glad he was able to go see her recently. I’m sure you were the perfect daughter-in-law and I know she loved you dearly.

  2. Oh, my heart goes out to you! I’ve been there recently, and I pray for strength for you as you try to comfort your husband. He’s going to need your shoulder to cry on in the coming days. Have a safe trip, and our prayers are with you.

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