Anxious And Exciting Days Are Here

I have no idea what has gotten into me the last few days. Between dreaming of a new place to call home and thoughts of getting out of our home in TX, I have no idea where I am right now. My phone has been a buzz with the Realtor back home in TX as we are getting our home in TX finalized and ready to turn it over to the company. We just received the signed contract today and it looks like things are almost finalized on our end.

We need to secure our flights for next weekend and I’ve already got the rental car reserved. It’s all coming so fast but we feel we are right on schedule. Bobby’s been working with the company and they already have our movers scheduled for that last week that we’re there. And we have both started lists of things we want to accomplish before the packers and movers arrive.

I haven’t been able to concentrate or get into the drawing mode at all today but I did manage to get some food shopping done. Anxious, is that the word? No I think I’ll use excited. No… well ~ to be quite honest I’m both anxious to get back to TX and wrap it up there and already excited to get back so that we can pursue another nest.

4 thoughts on “Anxious And Exciting Days Are Here

  1. Hi Girl! Haven’t talked in a bit, wow, time flies! And I see things are happening with you! I am so happy that it looks like your house has sold. We need to get together sometime! Take care!

  2. Hey Girlfriend! We do need to get together! I still remember such fun times we had a while back, that was such a fun night and thank you so much for escorting me!

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