A Fun Weekend With My Honey

Last night Bobby took me out for a dinner and desert date. Following dinner we stopped by Sam’s Club to shop around. I got all caught up in the book section looking through an interior design book and Bobby said he was going to finish the isle and come around the other side and catch up with me in a bit.

Shortly after Bobby left I got all hung up on a particular page and couldn’t wait to show Bobby my exciting find. My head was still glued to the book but I saw Bobby’s leather coat pass by and I called out “honey… honey…” Pausing for a second, I looked up from the book calling “honey” to what I thought was Bobby. By this time I realized it wasn’t Bobby and I just began to “act” like I was looking for my husband. Boy I was so embarrassed but at least that guy thought I was looking for my honey.

Today we’re going to go browsing for a house and I think we’re going to march back to look at some of the areas we really liked. We still have the 1 year lease on the apartment which lasts through December but we can’t wait to get our feet wet now that our house sold!

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