I Think We Sold Our House – And Other Thoughts

How to describe saying goodbye for good is hard to put into words. A good portion of our married life was spent in TX. The thought of sleeping in our bed there at home seems so final, and driving down the familiar roads that lead us “home” concludes our time spent there. And the thought of moving all our things from home will finally bring closure for us.

We were told late last summer that listing our home at the end of the “season” that we may have to wait ‘til next spring (the here and now) for the new season to sell the house. We’ve been well taken care of with the company Bobby works for. They’ve been taking care of all the expenses back home including our mortgage, insurance, all utility bills and the lawn maintenance… They’ve given us x amount of trips back home to take care of things and we’ve been just fine being able to go back home for visits now and then and to check up on things.

We’re just coming into the season for homes to begin selling and we have just recently received not one but two offers! We’re still working on the first offer and it looks like we’re moving forward with those plans. But the party with the second offer is willing to wait to make sure the first party’s plans work out. Bobby and I will be traveling back to TX yet again to spend our final three weeks back home. So we have another two weeks here in NY before we make our final trip home. The beauty of the company is that they will buy the house from us once we get a contract and we don’t have to wait for the closing! And then the company takes care of all the closing costs and all that kind a stuff.

We are both eager to move on and put TX behind us, the future is bright and we don’t have to know what’s ahead to feel content in the present. We’re both so happy to be here and we know there are exciting days ahead up here. We feel that we could live anywhere and be totally content because we have each other and as Bobby always says, home is where you are. Here’s to new beginnings!

Bobby asked me many months ago where I would like to spend my 40th birthday and without hesitation I picked “home” and “home” was where it was going to be. Of course he wanted to know if I wanted a big birthday bash but I know he already knew the answer. We’re neither one into “big celebrations” for ourselves. We’re both home bodies and neither of us are ones for having the attention on us in crowds. Who knows but my bd comes the end part of May and if we’re too exhausted from the travel, I’ll be just fine spending it with Bobby right here in our comfy little apartment. Just being with the love of my life is all I want for my 40th birthday.

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