On Hair Washing

What ever happened to the once a week hair washing? I still remember back in the day getting my hair washed each Saturday. It was truly a production it seemed. After getting all that hair washed and rinsed, I would wrap that towel around it just so and have a towel head for 15 or so min to get most of the major water soaked in the towel. Then I would sit for who knows how long in mom’s very ‘old-fashioned’ blow dryer. It was the gismo that was sort of like a shower cap, but the major heavy duty kind. That cap had this huge round long hose that attached to the cap from the motor if you will and from that hose would flow warm air. Mom would plug in that antique contraption, flip the switch and away I would go to get my hair dried. I remember it being a long drawn out and tormenting procedure lasting up to an hour, but it got the job done.

As I grew older, I thought it was the in thing to wash hair each and every day. And whoever invented the real blow-dryer I must say, they’re genius! Just 10 min of drying time and I’m done! So yesterday I was sitting in the salon chatting with my new hairstylist (Sonya) telling her that my hair seems to be taking on a different dryness and the ends look horrible. I thought this had to do with me not getting it trimmed/cut very often as I have been letting it grow out for almost 2 years. As of late I’ve had to use my chi flat iron every day just to smooth out those ugly ends. She asked me how often I was washing and I replied once a day. Sonya informed me that that is the problem and to quit washing my hair all the time. She said I’m not giving the natural oils a chance to reach the ends of my hair. She also informed that I should gradually start to wean myself from washing for up to 5 whole days! As a matter of fact, none of the gals in there wash their hair each day and they normally wait for at least 4 to 5 days but the one gal religiously washes her hair every 5 days. Yesterday this gal was on her 3rd day and her hair looked beautiful! She said that if her scalp gets too oily, she applies a little baby powder to her scalp and it really absorbs the oil! However, she told me that with my very dark hair that I could use ______ (I forget) instead of the baby powder. The goal is to allow the hair time to absorb the natural oils and not to constantly strip it each day. I’ll see how long I can start stretching it out. I’m definitely not going for the greasy look but I’m trying to achieve a healthier head of hair. Well I learned something new and I’m off without washing my hair this morning. We’ll see how long it lasts before I give in and wash it.

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