Taking Care Of Business

I’m taking care of more business today like the yucky stuff that needs to get done when one moves out of state. Today I’ve already:

  • Changed our car insurance – Do you realize we save over $300.00 per six months on our insurance premium. I was thrilled! (That’s another reason why we love driving here so much, there is NO traffic and we are so in love with that. And the perk is, we get to see that great deduction in our car insurance because of that!)
  • Called the DMV to see what we need to bring for our vehicle registrations and drivers license.
  • Spent who knows how long on hold
  • Called more people than I can remember
  • Finally got all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed
  • And once the insurance information is available on-line, I’ll be over there with my proof of insurance and all the other stuff I need to finalize what I started out to do.

I’ve had quite a full week and we’re getting settled in by the minute. It’s funny that now we feel like this hotel is home as we refer to it as home all the time now. This coming Sunday marks our 5th week here and before too long our vehicles and we will officially be residents here too!

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