Who Cares

So I’ve been thinking…That’s nothing new.

This time change has really done me in. And why is it that this year feels worse than any other year?

Somebody break out the violin, because it’s one of those kind of posts that I’m going to need it.

I mean, keeping my eyes open much past 8:30 is a very big deal for me these days. BIG – HUGE! Every time I say that, I think of that line in Pretty Woman. Not that it has anything to do with this post, I just thought you would like to know.

And just a few nights ago, I was fast asleep by 6:30 pm. Don’t ask what time I’m waking (in the middle of the night) in the morning.

I believe this time change has everything to do with me wanting to spread Christmas cheer way before Thanksgiving. In fact, this cheer become a part of our Thanksgiving tradition years ago.

And I’ve already declared that next year I will put up the Christmas decorations the day after Halloween. And I really don’t doubt that one bit.

Who cares? I didn’t think so, as I feel pretty alone in this. For those of you who picked up the violin, thank you, I needed the sympathy. Truly, I did.

But I’m feeling extra happy that the hubs enjoys this spirit with me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings – Debbie

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