There’s something magical after the rain.


When every living thing is coated with magical beads.


I woke to rain a couple of times the last two nights.


And sometime in the middle of the night (last night) I opened the window to see what I could see. While I could not see much, the sound was magical. Perhaps it’s because it’s such a rare treat for us.


And it provided an abundance of things to shoot, the last two mornings.


Off the subject – True story, I’m on my 4th phone case in the last 4 days.

It’s been a crazy buy a case, return a case frenzy these days. But I “think” I found the “one” today. I hope I found the “one” today. And I pray I don’t have to do any more case hunting.

I think cheers are in order.

Wishing a blessed day to you, rain or shine.

Blessings – Debbie

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