Birdbath Finale

I did end up giving it the antiquing medium and achieved what I wanted. I waited for it to dry and added the polyurethane. If you’re reading this and it doesn’t make sense, see post below for more information. Here are a few photos to show her off.

This was taken early evening when the sun wasn’t so bright.

Another thing I did was enjoy a nice 3 hour lunch with my girlfriend Michele. We went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants and chilled and had the best visit.

I arrived a little before my date so I took a few pictures while I waited. This was a fun way to help me keep occupied while hubby’s away.

I’m getting ready to run to the grocery as that will give me a little something to occupy my time this evening and I have plans for a movie later on this evening. Hubby will be back to our little nest tomorrow and there’s one happy lady looking forward to his return.

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