The Secret of Cold Springs

We enjoyed our weekend around the house and it was the perfect time to recline and visit with Liz from Mabel’s House author of The Secret of Cold Springs by Elizabeth Owen. Liz is such a talented author and I’ve enjoyed reading her blog for quite some time. I have high hopes that one day her book will be published but for now she is sharing her book for free for any and all who would like to read.


The youngest of three teenage sisters, Nora Charles is used to being the brunt of their teasing, but that doesn’t stop her from making tenacious plans to travel the world, write books and ride elephants. After the death of their father, the Charles women seek to make a new start in a new town. Cold Springs is a historic village, its rainbow-hued gingerbread houses clinging to the side of the mountain. Nora and her sisters soon discover that this quaint town has a dark and disturbing history. It’s up to the Charles sisters to save a new friend and discover the dangerous secret behind a mysterious group of women. This tale unfolds amid winding Victorian streets, jack-0-lantern filled shops and hidden passageways. The girls humorously bicker their way through the most dangerous adventure of their lives, only to come face to face with the irrepressible bonds of sisterhood.

I’m not sure how Liz found me but I’m ever so glad she did. It’s such a joy to visit while she decorates, bakes and shares her love with precious Mabel found here and here and her beloved husband Matt.

I finished every juicy detail of The Secret of Cold Springs and hope you too get the chance to enjoy as well.

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