Vehicle Hoopla

What a wonderful weekend we had and this has been such a great Monday. I’m caught up on my laundry for the week and have everything all put away, took a nice nap this afternoon and got quite a bit of research done on-line regarding a place to call home.

Hubby and I are going to try to meet a little after 4pm in hopes to get our cars registered and get our new drivers license. I was not able to finish what I started Friday and Saturday we had trouble getting our vehicles registered. We printed out our proof of insurance but the gentleman at the counter would not accept it as he needed something with the bar code. I made another call to the insurance company requesting the information with the bar code and they faxed it over to Hubby. Hopefully we have everything we need in order to make it happen this evening. And we plan to be have our residence here soon.

I have a lovely appointment with the realtor tomorrow, and looking forward to narrowing something down. In all honesty, we are both narrowing it down to a desire we have to build our next home. And it’s so exciting to think about, unless of course if we find the place that’s already built and it calls us home.

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