A couple of things have bugged me. It’s small stuff, really. Nothing earth shattering. But I decided to make a blog note of it, as the little things too shall pass.

Truth – I have not successfully picked up on my healthy eating habits as planned by the 1st of the year.

However, I did have a really good 2 weeks healthy run and had nearly lost the weight I gained over the holidays. And then I fell Flat. On. My. Face. A few days ago. For shame.


What is it about this year and not being able to get control of myself?

Well I started back again today on the plan. And I plan to pick back up with my monthly health status next month. The truth must be told.

Another thing that’s bugging me is my hair. I decided a while back that I would like to let it grow out again.

But this crazy stage is driving me NUTS! Nuts, people!

And I think the hubs knows I really want to grow it out. So he’s been telling me no, don’t cut it, the last few weeks. This is not like him. It’s just not. As he could care less if the stuff is long or short or in between. He really doesn’t care.

And it’s kinda cool to see him tell me no, more like giving me support to get thru this crazy growing out stage. And it’s working, as it would have been long gone a few weeks ago.

I told you, it was little stuff, but I feel better now that I made a note of it. And I think it will help me to keep things in perspective, remind me that it’s just small stuff and to get a grip on the things that really matter.

That’s all for today.

Blessings – Debbie

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