News Flash

Hello Friends!  It’s been a week and by all indications, it seems I’ve been away.

Indeed, we did step away.

The hubs, our buddy and I went on a little road trip.  We enjoyed a little disco music to pass the time.

I still remember “Hot Stuff” as one of the songs from the day.

I took a shot of the prettiest truck on the road.

This is a sample of our view during three of those miles.  It was a very painful 3 miles as it took an hour and 1/2 to conquer those 3 miles.

Cars began to over heat and drop out one by one.  Our car protected itself by automatically cutting off our AC supply.

A sampling of the views along the way.

Hubby was on business, I was along for the ride and time with the hubs.  I love that he wants me with him when possible.

We did get a chance to meet up with old friends (Gerald and Eileen) we had not connected with in 9 years.  It was a total blast.  I’m pretty bummed that I didn’t take a single pic that evening.

In other news:

  • We turned on the AC (in the house) for the first time (this year) a week ago.  It’s still hard to believe that when we do run it, it only runs a few hours during the mid – late afternoon.
  • I’m officially signed up and ready to take a college course this fall.  I’m pretty excited as it’s not just any course but a photography course.  I even have my parking permit and I look forward to the first day of class.
  • Regarding my class:  Over the weekend, I printed out the map of the campus and located my building and place to park.  I also printed out a map of my building with all the room #’s.  Makes me happy that I’ll know exactly where I’m going the first day of class.  The Bonus = Hubby is going to give me a test run to the campus before I go it alone such that I’m familiar with the area.  He’s the Best!
  • I bought a boat load of my favorite varieties of K cups today.  And no, they were not on sale.  I’m just a little fearful for when September rolls around.  As some of you may already know, Green Mountain will lose its main patent on K Cups.  So what’s the concern?  Well I noticed I couldn’t find my favorite blend at the place where I normally buy it.  I also researched over the weekend and learned that it is on backorder in some stores.  But I put my fears to rest when I discovered it at a shop today.  I piled it in the cart as if I wouldn’t get another shot of it for months.  I feel better about that, but I wonder, did I get enough?  Or did I buy too much?  As I hear the price of this stuff is going to plummet when the patent ordeal is over.  Time will tell.
  • In the last week and 1/2, we visited our new favorite sub restaurant 4 x’s – Might I add, their egg salad is amazing!
  • Last week, during our travels with friends, we visited Cold Stone 3 x’s.
  • In the last week, our dining experiences ranged from Mexican to Seafood and everything in between.
  • We went with a digital phone in the house.  It’s sweet and clear and only 30 bucks a month for unlimited long distance calls.  We like having a home phone, especially when the deal is sweet.  Bye bye AT & T!

So, hello Monday evening!  I’m looking forward to a great week.

Blessings – Debbie

A Change is Coming

The earth was moved and slopes were smoothed

And top soil was brought in by the truck load – I quite like the words across the back of his truck “BEEN THERE, DUMPED THAT”. If you click on the picture, you too can read it.

Summer flowers and wild flowers blossomed

Queen Annes Lace at her best


Without a care in the world

And as I walked along the newly graded dirt a bright leaf caught my attention

It stopped me in my tracks and I was caught up in the excitement of autumn. I’m glad nature doesn’t have to wait for the “appropriate” time to decorate.

I couldn’t leave it alone so I messed with it in Photoshop.

As I walked a little further I noticed another leaf from a different tree.

Again in Photoshop

I was puzzled thinking to myself where in the world did these two leaves come from. So I began to look and it didn’t take long for me to spy this.

Ahhh, this is the first autumn sighting for me in our soon to be front yard, a true sign that a change is coming.

Blessings – From My Viewpoint

The dawning of a new day is a joy during these chilly winter months. It was 3 degrees this morning but a very beautiful day no less. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the ground is covered with the prettiest snow. I’m blessed knowing that all is well and that every perfect gift cometh from above.

The dawning of our day

Our night skies are also something I enjoy so much. I took this picture a few evenings ago. I love that we can enjoy these pretty views out the back of our apartment without having to step foot outside.

While visiting with mom on the phone (yesterday), she said that she was sorry to report the gorgeous balmy weather they were having down south. While on the phone with her I saw three deer pass by, I was watching the most gorgeous plump snowflakes fall on the 8 or so inches we already have and I reported. “Mom, I’ve never lived in a place this beautiful in my life”! I have embraced the beauty of winter more than I ever thought I would and I’m definitely am getting used to it!

I think the beauty of what makes the world go round is the fact that there are enough flavors for everyone’s taste. May we enjoy what is given, see the beauty from right were we are and never forget Who is in charge of our daily dose of blessings.


This day has brought such a wonderful feel of awakenings. The dark sky rolled in and the scent of a storm was in the air. Soon the rippling thunder and the soothing sound of rain brought music for the soul. The wind brushes each little leaf and the sounds from the leaves clapping; to the thunder and rain bring the best of nature’s song.

The windows were flung open so that I could drink in the sounds and with that the cool air rushed in filling my heart. I will delight in this summer storm today.

Pretty Winter Wonderland

The warm glow on the snow is so pretty. Last evening when we were returning back to our room, I snapped a couple more pictures outside our door. This weather pushed us to get our boots over the weekend and what a difference they make. Now we’re all nice and toasty, and love the fact that I’m keeping warm in this stuff.

A Pretty Wintry Mix

A pretty wintry mix has come our way, who’d a thunk? What a change in the weather since we’ve been back home. We actually had just a tiny dusting of snow the day we left to visit back home but this is what we woke to this morning. The pretty white stuff completely coats the ground and here are a few pictures I took this morning

We’ve had such a crazy busy week but things are going really well. We finally decided to rent an apartment for a year so that we can get a better handle on what area we would like to buy/build.

Now the pressure is off to buy a place and relief takes on a whole new meaning. We found an apartment last week and I could not be happier at this very moment. A place to call home is finally coming our way soon! We should be moving in sometime around the 12th of December and I can’t begin to express just how excited I am.

Let’s just say, we were going to spend a week down south for Christmas and another week back in our old home following Christmas. I’m so stoked about our new apartment that I have no desire to pass by our old home on the way back north. How cool is that folks!?! I am so ready to get settled down and am looking so forward to the New Year!

We are creeping away at our Christmas Newsletter and continue to make progress. But it looks like we are still going to be working on it a while longer. I don’t like being this late but that’s just the way it goes this year.

We did get some shopping done over the weekend as we have a 2 bedroom apartment to completely furnish. First things first as we have been trying to nail a king size bed, and then we will look for the rest of the furniture as soon as we get our bed ordered. Then I have to completely furnish my kitchen as we are not moving anything back home yet. I’m having fun looking for dishes, glassware, flatware, and all the fun stuff to make it pretty. It’s also fun shopping for bathroom accessories and new bedding. I found a great deal on my favorite Egyptian sheets and it will be like Christmas getting our new home sweet home all fixed up. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s so nice, bright and truly beautiful.